Service of Process

Our Service of Process department is open daily, Monday through Friday. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All of our Process Servers are registered, bonded and have at least four years in the field. We routinely serve all of our local six counties (L.A., Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego). As with our Court Services Dept., our extensive web of affiliates allow us to serve process all over California and the nation. All American Attorney Service is always available for your Rush Serves. Please note that All American Attorney Service has specialized in executing on Private Process Server Levies for 12 years. Click here for our PDF Process Service Instruction Sheet.

Our Policy & Procedure for handling all routine Service of Process Jobs: It is our policy to give you, the valued client, a status on your job within a reasonable time. If your job has not been completed (either served or a verified bad address) within 8 days, we owe you a status. If the paper is still out for service, you’ll receive another status at the end of the next 8 days. The status will be conveyed to you in any manner that you prefer; e-mail, telephonically, fax, etc. Naturally, we will give you a status any time you request.

All American Attorney Service will never charge for repeated attempts; nor will you ever be charged for mileage. We will make attempts every 2-3 days until the paper is served, the date has run, verify a bad address or is cancelled by your office.

Rush Assignments- All American is available to handle all of your rush assignments at a very reasonable fee within our local six (6) counties, throughout California or Nationwide. Please contact our office as early as possible in the day so that we will have ample time to complete your rush. Rush serves are always put out in the field the same day we receive. An attempt will be made each day until the papers are served, the date has run or your office cancels the assignment. Your office will always receive a status within 24 hours of the receipt of your rush assignment. If we don’t already make a daily pick-up at your office and/or it is late in the day:

** Feel free to fax to us your Rush Serves at 213-746-8050 to save time.

**Send your documents via email (PDF) to info@yourattorneyservice.com. We will print out make all necessary copies.


Vital every day links you’ll need:

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